Wesley Spectrum


Wesley Spectrum

Wesley Spectrum has been in our community for over 50 years, providing a diverse array of education, autism, behavioral health and family support services to children and families throughout western Pennsylvania. What we’ve learned over that time is that the challenges facing those we serve are more complex than ever. There are no simple solutions, but we’ve also learned that a better tomorrow is within everyone’s reach.
By integrating our services to holistically meet the needs of the kids and families in our care, we create transformational support, allowing children, adolescents, individuals, and families build resiliency skills to successfully cope with life’s adversities.
The people we serve come first, and we acknowledge the value and strength of every person, creating individual plans to help each person reach his or her highest potential. We are also proud to be advocates for those we serve, helping the community understand that the needs of people with developmental, educational, and behavioral health challenges affect us all.
Wesley Spectrum provides the right care, in the right way, at the right time.


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901 Warrendale Village Drive
Warrendale, PA 15086

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